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Darin Martineau has been performing, creating, authoring and teaching magic all of his life. He has a very extensive history and background of Master Magic.

He is the Founder/CEO and creator of The Surreallusion System and the group Master Magic Mentors.

He first got interested in magic at 8 yrs old when his father showed him a magic trick. He discovered his first magic book from a school book fair. He then began to study magic books from the library. A couple of years later he met his first mentor- a magician named Paul Piccio who taught him sleight of hand and took him to a magic shop. He then practiced everyday and began doing birthday parties and magic shows for several different events. He competed and won in several school talent shows with magic. He visited several magic shops and magicians to continue to learn. He always favored sleight of hand over gimmicks and tricky looking apparatus/ boxes. He continued to eat, breathe and live magic and practicing a minimum of 8 hours a day. While the other kids were out playing sports, etc., he was in a room practicing magic diligently in front of a 3 fold mirror.

He has had the honor to perform for and next to several famous magicians and performers over many years.

He was awarded 2 nd place in the Basic High School Talent show as a teenager with a dual stage magic act with Scott Vivier in an original good vs. evil magic theme. ( alongside the Famous band Hemlock took first place )

He was also a good hip hop dancer in high school and choreographed a dance routine for a play.

His first experience learning pro magic was at age fifteen with his first Magic mentor: a full-time professional magician/mentalist:

Lawrence Gregory.  **CLICK HERE TO SEE A VIDEO CLIP : ( a cruise ship and world touring magician )

He was his onstage assistant in a full evening stage illusion show in Las Vegas. It was there were he learned many secrets of magic. Six nights a week, he would be the main onstage assistant in the live show. During the day, he would manage a magic shop- ( Magic Store #1). So he learned close-up magic by day and stage illusions by night.

Over the years he was also the main onstage assistant to several of the top pro World Class Magicians.

Darin went on to manage several magic shops while performing semi-professionally at the same time. He then went on to study with several other excellent magicians and practiced diligently. His specialty is close-up magic and card magic.

Growing up in Las Vegas- the magic capital of the world allowed him to be mentored by many world class master magicians!

As a young magician he  joined the S.Y.M. ( Society of Young Magicians )

sponsored by Gary Darwin & Allan Ackerman

then later he joined the:

S.A.M.  ( Society of American Magicians )

I.B.M.  ( International Brotherhood of magicians )

Most magicians specialize in only one category of magic, but because Darin has studied so much magic with the best, he is able to specialize in all categories of magic from close-up, manipulation to stage illusions.This is called a general practitioner of magic.

He also performed magic professionally in many different events and environments. He attended Gary Darwin’s magic club, where he met and studied magic regularly with many great and legendary master magicians such as-

*Johnny Paul

*Jimmy Grippo

*Lou Lancaster

and many more World Class Master Magicians…


ackermanbest2It was here where he met his mentor Allan Ackerman, one of the greatest card magicians in the world. Allan’s mentor was Ed Marlo, who was one of the greatest card magicians’ of all time, who revolutionized card magic and invented many card sleights used by magicians today. Ed Marlo wrote more card magic books then anyone in history, over sixty books.Allan also got to learn magic from Master Harlan Tarbell — author of the Tarbell Course in Magic!

Allan was more than just a mentor he was a good friend and a father figure to Darin because he grew up without a father. Allan taught him many inside secrets of card magic that are only shared with the esteemed Magic Mafia club. Allan is also a professor and he creates card magic and coin magic with a scientific, surgical and diabolical approach. In Magic there are Masters and then there are Grand Masters, he is the Grand Master of Card Magic! Allan has been the single most influence of magic to Darin!

Darin went on to study magic with many of the best magicians in the world. He attended many magic conventions in several different parts of the U.S. He went on to perform professionally for many different private and corporate parties. Darin temporarily moved away from las vegas to montana and he performed as a full-time professional magician. All of his hard work payed off with his first big break- his own TV special in front of millions, where he performed both close-up and stage magic for a 1 hour special on ( BVTV -PBS). He performed his Original stage magic, manipulations and also close-magic act.This led to several more professional shows that had him travelling all over the state of montana. He then returned to las vegas after about 2 years. He was creating, audience-testing and developing his own original magic. He was also performing professionally in 2 restaurants, one at lunch time and one at dinner time daily. He got to find out what magic really works and what does’nt. He also performs street magic in las vegas.  Also performs professionally in many different environments, events and private parties etc.


He no longer works in magic shops, but since he was 16 yrs old-

He also has managed almost every magic shop in Las Vegas –

  • Magic Store #1       ( with first stage magic mentor Lawrence Gregory )
  • Magic Shop at Harrah’s Hotel
  • Lance Burton’s Magic Shop at the Hacienda Hotel
  • Magic & Movie Hall Of Fame at O’Shea’s Casino – Managed the Magic Shop  where he met several Famous Magicians- Shimada’s ex-wife Deanna, Tony Clark and Victor and Diamond and many more…
  • Magic Mansion
  • The Boardwalk Casino Magic Shop
  • Rick Thomas Magic Shop
  • Houdini’s Magic Shops  ( several locations in las vegas )

He has developed about a dozen magic products that are sold in magic shops worldwide. 

Darin is an author of multiple best selling magic books including —

scotch and soda coin trick book and three ace monte book and several other books that are sold in Magic Shops worldwide, including japan and also has original and advanced close-up magic published in several top magic magazines.




Has been contracted to perform professional tradeshows and corporate events for top companies –

  • First American Title
  • Kaufman and Broad
  • Radio Shack
  • Costco
  • Real Estate Rally of Las Vegas
  • Resident Magician in several Restaurants in the U.S.–
  • The Rainforest Cafe in MGM Grand Hotel Las Vegas –   ( 8 year pro contract )
  • Bea’s La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant
  • Nap’s Restaurant
  • Greek Restaurant
  • Bourbon Street Casino in Las Vegas
  • Tropicana Hotel & Casino Theatre ( pre-show close-up magic for Rick Thomas )
  • Paris  Hotel & Casino    ( several close-up magic shows for private parties )
  • Mirage  Hotel & Casino  ( several close-up magic shows for private parties )
  • Magic Live!  Magic Convention  ( command performance, invitation only by Roger Klause )
  • Vegas Young Professionals
  • Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce
  • Las Vegas Valley Water District   ( Halloween Magic Show )
  • Las Vegas Library   ( stage magic show with Tim Smallwood )
  • YMCA Las Vegas
  • several school assembly Magic Shows ( Stage Act )
  • Rexburg Idaho Kiwanis club
  • The Dancing Bear ice cream shop in las vegas
  • BEAR CREEK LODGE    ( in Montana )
  • Naturally Organic Healing Center Las Vegas
  • Stallion Mountain Golf Clubhous
  • Highland Falls at Golf Summerlin
  • ( Marty Barret & Greg Maddux charity Golf tournament )

  • Alliante Golf Clubhouse    ( performed act in same show as magician/juggler Steve August )
  • Multiple Celebrities private parties
  • and many more events…
  • Charity work:
  • several church magic shows
  • several retirement home magic shows
  • school magic shows
  • National Center for Missing Children: Fund raiser show
  • BVTV: Public Broadcasting Television Montana
  • Extra work on TV and Film:
  • Extra in the movie: The Mexican starring Brad Pitt & Julia Roberts
  • Extra on Animal Planet with Lance Burton, Snake Babe & Steve August
  • Main Onstage Magic Assistant to:
  • Lawrence Gregory  Illusionist/Mentalist  ( 1 year )
  • Morgan  Illusionist/Mentalist
  • worked on his $40,000 Magic Promo Video and worked with:
  • Paul Haines of Creative Illusions
  • Greg Mulvey of Presto Productions
  • Anna Blanc Dance Choreographer
  • Jonathan David Bass
  • On Stage Magic Assistant for Tim Smallwood – Illusionist ( also opening Magic Act )
  • On Stage Magic Assistant for Taylor Reed Illusionist at the World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas
  • Has worked with and consulted with several World Class Magicians


Darin is also an award winning magician. He has also won several awards in close-up and stage magic contests including-

*1st place – close-up magic contest from Tom Ferranti’s

Southern California Magic Club

*2nd place– Bourbon Street Casino Las Vegas Talent Show

( with a stage act )

*3rd placeJimmy Grippo’s Close-up Classic Magic Contest

At the Las Vegas MGM Grand

*1st place –  I.B.M. Ring 257 –  International Brotherhood of Magicians Las Vegas –

Impromptu Close-up Magic Contest

( with Master Magician Eugene Burger as one of the judges )

and many other awards in his lifetime of magic! 

Darin is also a Chavez course of manipulation graduate.
He was a Chavez student of Robert Rodriguez, a master performer who had studied under the exacting eye of Benny Chavez and later received the Chavez Memorial Trophy as well as the SAM Hall of Fame Award.

Darin was also a featured guest performer for Roger Klause‘s invitation only close-up magic show at Magic Live! magic convention in Las Vegas.


( Roger Klause magic is highly recommended because Allan Ackerman also studied with him )

He is close friends with several famous top world class magicians.

Darin has also fooled many top world class magicians with his own original methods, sleights and effects.

He has also exchanged ideas and learned magic from several world class magicians ever since he has been a young member of S.Y.M.( Society of Young Magicians and also S.A.M. ( Society of American Magicians and the  I.B.M. ( International Brotherhood of Magicians )

He has had the special privilege and advantage of taking private lessons, private magic sessions and mentoring from several Master Magicians  such as:

Jerry Andrus, Lou Lancaster, Gary Darwin, Bill Goodwin, and many more…

Briefly about who these great master magicians are/were-

Jerry Andrus was a pioneer of card magic and inventor of optical illusions. He was a genius inventor of diabolical methods. He was truly an original and revolutionary magician.

Illusionist Rudy Coby used Jerry’s double spiralling optical illusion in one of his tv specials.

Lou Lancaster was a brilliant Master stage manipulator and full-time professional magician that used to walk the streets of new york with people like David Copperfield (when David was a young man) and Jeff McBride who he mentored. He later became a full-time close-up magician.

Gary Darwin is a Master ( general practitioner ) magician and founder of the famous Las Vegas Magic Club, magic inventor, big time magic collector ( $2 million worth ) He has so much magic he seriously sleeps on a Harry Potter pull down cot. He has consulted with top pros such as his good friend Lance Burton.



Bill Goodwin is the Hollywood Magic Castle’s (magic books) Librarian and an incredible card magician with some of the most visual effects in card magic and also is a protege of Larry Jennings ( a Dai Vernon protege ) Darin’s good friend has spent many times jam session and developing new magic with him.

Alex Elmsley – taught Darin some of his close- guarded secrets in a private jam session.

Guy Hollingworth – Spent many times hanging out and exchanging ideas at magic conventions and private magic sessions with him. Guy is one of Darin’s favorite magicians!

Lee Asher –  Former member of the esteemed las vegas magic mafia. Spent a lot of time with him regularly when he lived in las vegas. Has contributed original magic effect to his video – The 5 card stud ( instructional magic video).

Darin Martineau also has provided and attended several top pro magician consultation sessions such as-

Jonathan David Bass, Morgan, Lawrence Gregory, Paul Haines, and many more…

Taylor Reed – a Pro Stage performer who now performs in Branson, Missouri – Darin was the main onstage assistant for him in the World Magic Seminar Stage contest.

Morgan –   ( the Liquid Metal fork guy)  Darin originally taught him some close-up magic and helped choreography his $40,000 magic promo video and was main onstage assistant )

Also Lance Burton taught Darin a private lesson backstage on card manipulation-

Lance taught him the kukuchi fan productions and the thurston card productions.

Was taught the one-handed waterfall card flourish from Shimada

*Many Master Magicians use Darin’s Original Magic

has been used by many World Class Master Magicians –

Allan Ackerman

Dan & Dave Buck

Lee Asher

Dan Harlan

Joe Rindfleisch

Apollo Robbins

Chappy Brazil

and many more …

All documented and credited facts!

and many other magicians who he has influenced or been influenced by  ( directly or indirectly )

Many magicians have stolen his original effects and published them as if they were their own.

Darin has been a ghost in the magic machine of the underground for many years!


Darin has also contributed several of his own original effects to other magicians for their instructional videos, magic magazines and books such as-

*Ambitious Explosion card production for Lee Asher’s Five Card Stud magic video

( see the Darin Martineau credit at the end of the video )
The Ambitous Explosion also magically appears in these magicians videos and lecture notes with no credit-
Dan and Dave Buck
Nate Kranzo
Brian Tudor

Published Magic in Magic Magazines:

The Penumbra magic magazine: One Good Winner card trick with Allan Ackerman in 

*A Card trick for the Trap Door magic magazine

*A rubberband trick for Dan Harlan’s Magic with Rubberbands Volume 3

( a visible penetration effect called jumper stumper )

& also in Extreme Rubber band Magic dvds by Joe Rindfleisch 

*Jazz with Rhythm card effect for Allan Ackerman’s lectures notes

Has 2 Original Card Magic Routines in Allan’s Videos: Advanced Card Control Series

( also worked on several published effects with Allan )

He has also performed professionally for many celebrities such as —

  • Andre Agassi and Stephi
  • Joe Montana  (private magic show for his family reunion )
  • Bill Murray
  • Neil Patrick Harris
  • Joe Esposito        ( formerly of the Band Brooklyn Dreams & also:
  • Who wrote several famous songs in the 80’s such as: ” You’re the Best” is from the 1984 film The Karate Kid.
  • Grand Master Jack Fu   
  • Master Joshua Jackson
  • Greg Maddux
  • Marty Barrett – ( former Boston Red Sox -pro baseball player )
  • ( performed 2 professional shows for him )

1. at his new home (house warming private party) with multiple celebrites attending

2. his celebrity charity golf tournament in Las Vegas


  • NBC’s Extreme Variety Show
  • Las Vegas with Dennis Bono   —  ( on this TV show twice with Morgan Streibler & also the Band Cat Daddy  and Joe Esposito  )
  • Featured his own hour long Magic TV special  on BVTV in Montana.  Performed Stage Magic & close-up magic for millions!
  • Animal Planet ( on TV show Guerrilla Magic assisting Lance Burton and Maria Gara The Snake Babe 
  • Also several other TV appearances such as extra for Lance Burton, etc.
  • Over his lifetime, Darin has developed his own unique style, concepts and techniques to magic. He has also studied tons of books, magazines and dvd’s on magic to extract out the best principles. He has drawn his knowledge, experience, and several different resources to research and develop his own system of magic he has named the SURREALLUSION SYSTEM. It is the next evolution in the Fine Art of Magic. This system is to teach anyone from beginner to advanced magicians how to create a solid foundation of Fine Art Magic.
  • He is offering to Mentor you all of the top Secrets of his magic Now!
  • Author of over a dozen magic books, He has over 30 years experience in magic
  • and over 20 years of teaching and mentoring magicians!











Some Testimonials —


ALLANONMUMCOVER“He constantly amazes me with his ingenuity and skill.”

Allan Ackerman- World Class Master Card Magician and Ed Marlo protege


“Darin is a good magician and I have consulted him on magic, I recommend him”

Morgan- Pro Mentalist and close-up magician and Illusionist & inventor of Liquid Metal fork


“The show you put on was far above our wildest expectations.”

Randy S. Tuell
Radioshack Regional Manager


“Darin is an awesome magician and he always keeps our guests entertained, we highly recommend him for your event.”

— manager of Rainforest Cafe in the MGM Grand Las Vegas


” That is absolutely amazing! “

Joe Montana- former pro football player of the san francisco 49ers



The bottom line is that this system will cut your learning curve down tremendously and elevate you to the next level!
THIS IS MY NEW MAGIC !!! So get ready to learn how to absolutely mystify your audiences!!









(C) Copyright. MagicSecretsLive. All Rights Reserved 2015

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